Richmond Dialect

The Richmond dialect is a blend of many of the basic words and expressions found throughout the South along with its own distinct flavor.   Unique to Richmond and not found elsewhere in the south is a special pronunciation of  words with "ou" in them.   The "ou" is spoken as if you were saying the letter "O".    
about (pronounced exactly like "a boat")    
house (rhymes exactly with the word "close, gross, dose")  
mouse (rhymes exactly with the word "close, gross, dose")  
  Now try this sentence: The mouse ran about the house  
  Very good! You must be from Richmond!!  
 Double Subjunctive  
Very common in the South including Richmond. It is a Southern way of pondering the possibilities in a non-committal way.    Examples are:  maybe ought,  might could  
We might could go to the movie....or maybe could go out to dinner instead.  
Sequential Second Noun
A specific noun followed by a more general one.  Examples:
boss man, widow woman, hound dog, ink pen,
Richmond Expressions  


y'all rhymes with ball you all or you guys Are y'all going to the concert?  
y'alls rhymes with crawls, walls your Can I ride in y'alls car?  
fahhne FAHH-N fine That's a fahhne lookin' car.  
haa-yew HAAH- YEW "how are you" Ah'm fahhne, haa-yew?  
morn MOR-N more than I don't got morn five dollars in my pocket  
height height to dislike Ah height spinach!  
ice ice the most valuable card
in the deck
My ice beats your jack.  
tray tray a large woody plant
with leaves
I can climb that tray if I have to.  
hail hail opposite of heaven What in the hail are you doin?   
matuh MAY - TUH tomato Slice up  those  matuhs fuh the
rat-cheer rat cheer right here Set down rat-cheer for a spell and tell me
whacha been up to.
thank thank think I thank you better mind yor manners.  
inkpin ink pee-un pen Can ah use y'alls inkpin to write
down somethin'?
fahv faa- ve five Ah have fahv toes on mah left foot.  
whale whale well She isn't feeling whale.  
shevel rhymes with level shovel Will you shevel the snow for me?  
 tar  tar  tire  I put  new tars on mah car  
mayonnaise man- aze man! there is a...  Mayonnaise a lotta people here
at the state fair!!